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About SilCoTec

SilCoTec is a custom formulator and manufacturer of a wide variety of silicone products including rubber compounds, liquid silicone rubbers, liquid silicone pigments, self-bonding compounds, color masterbatches, additives and modifiers. Since 1991, SilCoTec has continued to develop innovative products that meet customers' needs in the automotive, aerospace, medical/dental, electronic and consumer goods industries.

SilCoTec's capabilities are extensive and continuously expanding. We manufacture over 220 gum based pigment additives mainly with vinyl, OH, Di-methyl and/or phenyl gums. In addition, we manufacture 290 liquid silicone pigments of various viscosities (10 to 75,000 cs) and over 1400 silicone rubber compounds. The latter range from 15 to 90 durometer and can be manufactured with basic or specialty bases depending on the end application.

SilCoTec also formulates and manufactures products to comply with FDA, REACH, RoHS, and ISO Cytotoxicity regulations as well as military, federal and industry-specific specifications. We can offer the flexibility of manufacturing silicone products from 5 Lbs and up, a great advantage over other silicone formulators that only supply large volumes.


SCT Quality and Service

SilCoTec strives to develop and deliver products that meet Customer's quality needs while balancing Customer's cost constraints.  To assist in meeting this goal, we are ISO9001:2008 certified.

SilCoTec prides itself on maintaining a 98.5% on time shipping rate while managing a manufacturing lead-time of 5-7 business days per customer order.  We also incorporate lean manufacturing concepts to reduce costs, waste and enhance the overall service to our customers.


SCT Capabilities

SilCoTec is a custom formulator of various silicone products. Please review our capabilities to see what SCT can do for your business.

SCT Capabilities



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