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HCR Colorscolors

We compound a wide variety of high consistency silicone color masterbatches in gum and silicone base.  Using heat stable and color fast pigments, we are able to provide our customer’s with high quality color masterbatches guaranteed to disperse easily into silicone compounds. In addition, SilCoTec’s color masterbatches are known to have one of the cleanest pigment dispersions in the market due to our unique equipment and processes.


pigmentsLiquid Silicone Pigments

SilCoTec’s liquid silicone pigments are mainly used to color liquid silicone rubbers, caulk, and other RTVs. Other applications include printing inks and textile coatings. We carry a variety pigments of different viscosities making the pigments “pumpable” and easy to incorporate into existing processes equipments.  With our extensive knowledge in color dispersions, SCT’s liquid silicone pigments provide high quality pigment dispersion.




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