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SCT Rubber Compounds

We manufacture a wide range of custom made silicone rubber compounds that meet customer’s requirements. Using high quality raw materials, we arerubber capable of formulating compounds for various applications such as medical/dental devices, bakeware, seals and O-rings, among others. In addition, we compound, test and certify materials that meet FDA, ASTM, AMS, Military, Automotive and ZZR specifications. We are also capable of:

  • Compound in 2-part system to extend shelf life: This allows the customer to mix both parts before using and thus, extending the overall shelf life of the compound to up to 12 months.
  • Color compounds: We offer “standard colors” as well as custom colors matched to a specific part, Pantone®, RAL or Federal Standard. (Learn More)
  • Preform and package compounds as necessary: We provide ready-to-use compounds by packaging our materials in a variety of arrangements. We can preform the material to thin sheets, extrude it, roll it in coils, among other preforms. In addition, we use different packages forms such as 50 Lb boxes, gaylords, barrels and pails.




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